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Heart to Heart

A Health + Care Conversation Series

For generations, Emory Heart & Vascular has led the way in treatments, interventions, and research to help people living with heart failure, arrhythmia, high blood pressure, vascular disease, and many other serious conditions. Our teams embody a unique combination of deep compassion and limitless innovation, which weaves into everything we do – diagnostics, therapies, surgery, clinical trials, and routine care. In fact, we think that the key to everything we do – and our long history of milestones in heart and vascular care – boils down to this simple, uniting factor: Our amazing people.

We invited 12 accomplished team members to interview each other and collected heart-to-heart conversations between Emory Heart & Vascular cardiothoracic surgeons, preventive cardiologists, sports medicine physicians and others.

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Expert Care, Close to Home

At Emory Heart & Vascular Center, our team of 175 specialized physicians is dedicated to your heart health. Through research, education, and clinical trials, we offer tailored treatment solutions that work for you. We don’t limit ourselves to what we already know; instead, we strive to expand our knowledge and capabilities, going the extra mile to provide you with the most effective and personalized care available.

Next–day general cardiology appointments are available for new patients at one of our 23 Georgia locations.