Patient and Family Advisor Program

How was your experience at Emory? If you or a loved one received care at Emory, please consider becoming a Patient and Family Advisor (PFA). As a PFA, you'll be directly involved in helping the organization make better decisions by sharing your experiences, perspectives, and expectations.

What Do PFAs Do?

PFAs are current or former patients and family members. They volunteer their time to partner with Emory Healthcare leadership, staff, and doctors. They serve on committees, councils, project teams and other groups working in a variety of ways to improve patient care.

"Before working with patient and family advisors, I was only guessing what it must be like in a patient’s shoes. Partnering with PFAs gave me a new perspective and hope that I’m making the hospital experience just a little better. I also love that after 24 years in healthcare, I always learn a new perspective from patient and family advisors. Their help makes me a better healthcare professional." – Apryl S. Lewis, MSN, CCTN, RN Nurse Coordinator for Patient Safety and Quality Emory University Hospital Midtown

Why Become a PFA?

The Emory Healthcare Care Transformation Model makes patient- and family-centered care our top priority. It's our promise to the community, and it drives continuous improvement. The PFA program is an essential part of that. More than 200 people serve as PFAs — each one makes a difference to our patients, their families, and how we care for them.

The program has five core values:

  • Patient- & Family-centered Care
  • Shared Decision Making
  • Cultural Competency & Diversity
  • Fair & Just Culture
  • Transparency

Embracing these values strengthens the partnerships between patients, families, staff, and doctors. Together, we can fulfill Emory’s mission “ to serve humanity by improving health .”

Become a PFA

If you would like to become a PFA, please call the Office of Care Transformation at 404-686-9521 or apply below.

Please note: Patient family advisor applications are not applications for employment.

Current PFAs