• Lung Computer Illustration
    Joseph McCanne’s two double-lung transplants at Emory Transplant Center allow him to enjoy all life has to offer. Read his story.
  • Middle age man reading in a kitchen
    For people of all ages, regular exercise is one of the best ways to stay healthy. It can slow the aging process, lengthen your life and improve brain health.
  • Rotator Cuff Surgery: A Patient’s Perspective
    Therapy, injections and surgery can help you move and feel better when you have a torn rotator cuff. Learn what to expect from a patient who has been there.
  • Women’s wellness is more than a Pap test. A women's well exam is a chance to connect with your provider to discuss any concerns and prevent future issues.
  • Help at Home for People with Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias
    Alzheimer's care services can help people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias stay in their homes longer and give caregivers support.
  • Read how the Emory Lung Transplant Program is using an innovative approach to improve lung transplant access for patients in need.
  • Waves and rocks in the shape of a heart
    Many adults with Congenital Heart Disease face late complications. Learn why it is important to receive care from an Adult Congenital Heart Center.
  • mother hugging cancer patient daughter
    Mental health care is central to every step of the cancer journey and all aspects of comprehensive cancer care.
  • illustration of brain with tumor
    Approximately 24,000 people per year are diagnosed with a primary brain or spine tumor. Learn more about treatment options, such as proton therapy, today.
  • Jesse Colorectal Cancer Survivor
    “If one doctor says something, get a second opinion," says Winship at Emory patient and colorectal cancer survivor Jesse Hampton.
  • digitally generated closeup of eye pupil
  • masked doctor listens to masked patient's heart beat
    Primary care providers don’t just treat you when you’re sick—they help keep you well. Learn how you can benefit from preventive medicine at Emory Healthcare.
  • doctors chatting in a hospital
    Emory’s Kidney Transplant Program was recognized as no. 6 in the nation for adult volume in 2018. Learn about our experience and dedication to patients.
  • woman sits at table and checks her  blood sugar
    Emory Healthcare’s Dr. Echols discusses Type 1 and 2 diabetes, risk factors, preventive measures, diet, treatments, and disease management.
  • Emory Veterans Program Patient
    After years of unsuccessfully managing symptoms of PTSD on his own, Trent reached out to the Emory Healthcare Veterans Program for help.
  • Close-Up of Young Man With Medical Equipment in Bed at Hospital Ward
    Epilepsy patients can benefit from more treatment options and better outcomes than ever before. The Emory Epilepsy Center is advancing care.
  • Man walking in the forest
    There are many misconceptions about PTSD. Emory Healthcare Veterans Program explains it's possible to heal invisible wounds through evidence-based treatment.
  • Atlanta Vibe Pro Volleyball Team
    The Pro Volleyball Federation’s Atlanta Vibe has announced a multi-year partnership with Emory Healthcare, made official by both organizations today.
  • Close of belly of a girl with liver transplant scars
    Emory Transplant Center performs its first HIV to HIV kidney transplant, made possible by the HIV Organ Policy Equity (HOPE) Act.
  • man in car
    Most servicemembers will have some type of adjustment period after returning home from deployment. For each person the process is different depending on different variables during and after deployment.