Alge Crumpler: Remaking of A Pro

Date: Dec 22, 2022

A four-time All-Pro tight end with an NFL career spanning a decade with the Falcons, Patriots, Titans and Jaguars, Alge Crumpler was a legend on and off the field.

Alge, 44, built a reputation as a leader at his position and a leader among his teammates. However, like many elite athletes, he struggled to make the transition from the field to post-professional play life. The dream of NFL glory, the support of teammates, and the goal of being a leader in the locker room help provide athletes with the structure to maintain peak physical shape. In particular, the regimented structure of the league is paramount in maintaining their laser-like focus with workouts, nutrition and communication.

But once that on-field journey ends, many athletes struggle to maintain good health and self-confidence.

Alge’s post-retirement journey hit hard. He began gaining weight fast. He became arthritic and prediabetic, with elevated blood pressure and chronic pain in his back and knees. That was just the physical side. He was also concerned about his mental health. He lost his motivation and felt like he was drifting through the days. He found it difficult to participate in family trips. And he felt he wasn’t the high-achieving and motivated guy he once was.

It was during conversations between the Atlanta Falcons and their official team healthcare partner, Emory Healthcare, in which a Falcons staff member and friend of Alge’s who knew about his struggles spoke up to find out what could be done to help the former player. Weeks later, Emory Healthcare had created a team to comprehensively address Alge’s conditions, evaluate him, then create a plan for his health journey that would help him regain the drive he once had and retake his health.

Alge’s health journey was documented for more than four years beginning in 2018 as his family, friends and his medical team supported him through his difficult and extended journey. After four years of dedication, sacrifice and effort, he’s back to living his best life.

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