Extracorporeal Membrane
Oxygenation (ECMO) 

Meet The Team

Emory's ECMO Program includes a multidisciplinary team of experts to ensure our patients receive optimum care and support.

Cardiothoracic Surgeons

A cardiothoracic surgeon may perform the procedure to place you on ECMO support. This surgeon will also follow your progress while you are being supported on ECMO and will be involved during the process of weaning and ultimately removing ECMO support.

Critical Care Medicine Physicians

These critical care medicine physicians have specialized knowledge and skills in the diagnosis and treatment of serious medical conditions.  They will manage your medical care while you are in the intensive care unit on ECMO support. 

ECMO Coordinators

An ECMO coordinator is an advanced practice provider who is trained to care for patients while they are on ECMO support. This person will also help coordinate care between multiple teams while you are hospitalized.  Following discharge, you will be scheduled to see our ECMO Coordinators in the clinic to ensure you receive the proper follow-up care.

ECMO Specialists/Perfusionists

While you are on ECMO support, we have a specially trained team of individuals who monitor you and the ECMO machine.  They are nurses or respiratory therapists who help identify changes quickly and communicate those to other team members.