Treatments & Services

Through research and clinical trials, we’ve produced several cutting-edge treatments and services for heart and vascular conditions. That means our teams are not only intimately familiar with the latest, life-saving treatments and procedures – they also took part in developing them.

If you’re seeking treatment for a heart and vascular condition, know that we’ll work together to develop a personalized treatment plan that puts your well-being above all else. From medicinal options to non-surgical interventions and minimally invasive procedures, our focus is on keeping you comfortable, with the shortest stay possible, so you can get well and get back to your life.

Treatments, surgeries, and therapies we offer for heart and vascular conditions include:

Treating a heart and vascular condition doesn’t always mean surgery. Depending on your medical history, lifestyle habits, and symptoms, we may recommend a nonsurgical treatment or medicine that can improve your health and reduce the risk of a serious complication like a heart attack or blood clot. If a procedure or surgery is the best option for a healthier, long-term outlook, rest assured that we’ll work together to develop a personalized treatment plan uniquely catered to your needs. Explore the heart and vascular treatments and services we offer at Emory and how they’ll help improve your well-being.

Did you know?

You don’t have to travel far for world-class cardiovascular care. Learn about our advanced treatment options, recovery programs, wellness classes and much more at the Heart and Vascular Center.