Baseball Medicine Program

Welcome to Baseball Medicine at Emory Sports Medicine Center

Braves ChopFest 2020: Emory Physicians Talk Injury Prevention with Young Athletes (This video was shot in January 2020 during the Atlanta Braves’ ChopFest fan event.

At Emory Sports Medicine Center, we take baseball seriously. We have established the only comprehensive baseball medicine program in Atlanta focused on the health and well-being of baseball players at every level. Now, you can take advantage of the same baseball-specific services that our team of baseball medicine physicians, surgeons, athletic trainers and physical therapists have been providing to the Atlanta Braves, the Gwinnett Stripers and Georgia Tech players for years. We offer seamless modern medical care, along with access to Emory's sports science research and performance measurement expertise, so every one of our patients has the resources they need to maintain peak condition and perform at their best.

Emory Sports Medicine’s Baseball Program

Our sports medicine and sports science experts continuously conduct research focused on the performance and care of youth, collegiate and professional baseball players. We have seen first-hand how sports specialization in young baseball players leads to overuse throwing injuries that persist for a lifetime. In fact, many problems experienced by the professional baseball players we treat can be injuries caused by repetitive trauma during childhood development. This research has aided us in the creation of unique pitching and throwing assessments used to optimize player performance and prevent injury. It has also helped us develop more effective treatments that enable players to get back to throwing as quickly and safely as possible.

Robby Bowers, DO, PhD
Director, Baseball Medicine Program

Make an Appointment

Baseball enthusiasts at all levels are encouraged to make an expedited appointment with one of our baseball medicine experts when they experience:

  • Diminished performance
  • Fatigue in the shoulder or elbow
  • Pain from an upper or lower-body injury

Parents are also encouraged to schedule time with one of our baseball medicine physicians to discuss evidence-based strategies that will help their children preserve good health and avoid injury while performing at an elite level.

To learn more or to make an appointment, call 404-778-3550 or use the appointment form below.

Our Approach to Common Baseball Injuries

At your first visit, you will receive a specialized examination with an Emory sports medicine physician who is accustomed to assessing and treating baseball players of all ages and abilities (from young children to professionals). The type of exam you (or your child) receive will depend on your primary complaint and might include a dynamic ultrasound or other tests.

Your baseball medicine doctor will then evaluate your situation, taking into account your stage of growth and development. If necessary, your doctor will work closely with Emory’s extended team of athletic trainers, physical therapists or surgeons to make recommendations for an appropriate return to play/throwing program, as well as a safe plan of action to help prevent re-injury.