Emory Healthcare's Website Relaunches on New Platform 

Emory Healthcare Marketing is pleased to announce the relaunch of our website, emoryhealthcare.org,

on a new platform powered by Sitecore Digital Experience Manager and Azure hosting. Site go-live date: August 15.

Here are the key highlights of the relaunch:

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New Platform Architecture

The website now runs on the advanced Sitecore Digital Experience Manager platform hosted in an Azure cloud environment. Switching to the new platform enabled us to replace 7-year-old code that had become fragile and better align our site with current web standards and best practices. This upgrade allows also allows for greater scalability and flexibility to support enhanced digital front-door initiatives. The new architecture also streamlines tasks for our web team, resulting in faster build times.
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Enhanced Navigation

We redesigned the site’s navigation to make finding relevant content easier. Click through the carousel below to see new features.

Refreshed Design

The new website features a refreshed design to boost visitor engagement and marketing campaign conversion rates, and allows for improved accessibility for our visitors with disabilities. The design is fully optimized for seamless browsing on mobile devices, ensuring a consistent experience across all platforms.

Improved Call-to-Action Visibility

The refreshed design adds highly visible and consistently placed design elements that prominently display key contact information, such as appointment phone numbers and links to online scheduling.

Updated Location Finder & Location Pages

We’ve redesigned emoryhealthcare.org’s location finder to incorporate a more retail-oriented user experience, featuring more specialty filters, and quick filters for hospitals, primary care and urgent care. Location pages now feature standard layouts that display services, location maps, hours of operation, appointment phone numbers and location addresses. 

As part of this two-year project, our team invested significant effort to rebuild more than 3,000 pages and conducted extensive quality assurance testing. Even so, there may still be broken links or missing content. If you find any broken links, errors, or issues, please use this Wrike form to let us know. 

In Fiscal Year 2024, we plan to continue improving the digital front door experience. This includes enhancing the content strategy, optimizing search engine results for better rankings, improving provider search functionality, introducing a new classes & events platform, and laying the groundwork for website personalization.

Special Thanks

This initiative was made possible by outstanding support and stellar guidance from many teams throughout Emory Healthcare and Emory University’s Information Technology and Legal Teams. Special thanks to Matt Cassidy, Chris Richardson, Ross Raiff, Dawn Peek, Jymbellyn Carthon, Chris Alexander, Darrell Durggin, Tracy Goodman, Michael Chilcott, Stephanie Maffett and many others. 

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Denise Davis
Corporate Director of Marketing Technology & Operations


Amy Comeau
Vice President of Marketing