Honoring Our Veterans: How Lessons Learned in the Military Apply to Three Veterans’ Lives and Work Today

Date: Nov 10, 2023

Nearly 700 veterans work in many roles at Emory Healthcare—caring for our community in a variety of ways. And the Emory Healthcare Veterans Program provides important treatment for hundreds of men and women each year. 

Veterans Day is a time to thank those who have served and for veterans to reflect on their military service and how it has shaped their lives. Get to know a few of those who are a part of Emory Healthcare and their experiences.

Aaliyah Shabazz

Pharmacy Tech II
EHM Specialty Pharmacy

selfie of AaliyahThe most meaningful lesson I learned in the military is ADAPTABILITY.

Leaving home and embarking on a new journey to be selfless and serve the United States takes courage, no matter your reason for joining. I met many people from every corner of the world, and the one thing we all had in common was the commitment we made to be of service.

I learned that having compassion for everyone and being a listening ear can change a person’s outlook. For myself, keeping a level head and being adaptable in the most conflicting situations was a tool that I embedded in my integrity.

The Navy emphasizes honor, courage and commitment. I am forever grateful for the life lessons I’ve gained. In my career, I’m able to use my adaptability to support my department’s needs.

Aubri Lanier

Operational Support Lead
Physicians Group Practice

Headshot of AubriThe most meaningful lesson that I learned while in the military was to watch the six (back) of your fellow servicemen, as well as mission accomplishment.

As a young man in the Marine Corps, I always had a strong desire to help people and to look out for others—even if it meant sacrificing myself for the greater good. Being in the military amplified that feeling and made me accountable to those who not only sacrificed their lives in service but also to those that we served.

To me, those things tie in with what our Emory Care Transformation Model stands for. I have an immense sense of pride even now as a civilian to live out that credo to the fullest.

The Marine Corps motto, “Honor, Courage, and Commitment,” lives on in me and will continue to be a major factor in serving our organization and our patients.

Stanley Baker

Field Service Technician IV 
Emory Hillandale Hospital, Emory Digital

selfie of Stanley sitting in a carDuring my 15-year tenure in the U.S. Army, there were many valuable lessons to be learned every day. I carry those lessons with me, and they have helped me become the person that I am today.

The Army offers many resources that can be used in everyday life. For example, physical conditioning, technical training, and leadership experience. I am very honored to have had a chance to serve in the military because the tools that were available prepared me for the life that I am living.

The main thing I can say about the Army is that it’s best at building leaders. The Army also broadens your worldview, helps you understand those not exactly like yourself, and gives you a greater understanding of other religions and customs.

Even though I retired from the Army many years ago, there are still lessons from my experience I put into practice every day.

A few things I learned in the military and use in my current position:

  1. Dedication and providing good customer service.
  2. Respect for my country.
  3. Strive to maintain a positive attitude.
  4. How to live and work with an understanding of diversity.
  5. To be selfless, putting others first.
  6. To trust in yourself and your coworkers.
  7. Show and give respect to all.

I believe that these tools help me deal with the different encounters that we experience on a daily basis. But most of all, I learned that it is up to you to get it done. Sometimes, that means improvising, adapting, adjusting and overcoming obstacles. I learned that real life is precious, and you should make plans to live each day to the fullest.

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