New Electronic Medical Records System Epic Launches October 1, 2022

By: Emory Healthcare
Date: Sep 2, 2022

Emory Healthcare is moving to a new electronic medical records system called Epic this fall, an important change for both our hospitals and clinics and our patients. Emory Healthcare will move to Epic’s comprehensive health care software on October 1.

Moving to Epic will combine our multiple patient portals – Emory’s Blue, Gold, HealtheLife, Eye Center and Emory Decatur portals – into a single system. This will allow you to access all of your Emory Healthcare medical records with a single sign-on, connect all of our hospitals and clinics to one system, and make it easier for you to manage your care online.

The move to Epic includes the launch of a new patient portal called MyChart. In MyChart, you will be able to check in online for appointments, view and schedule certain appointments, view and pay bills, obtain price estimates, view medications and request refills, send messages to your providers, join telehealth appointments, manage a loved one’s care, and much more.

Patients can sign up for the MyChart patient portal beginning September 19 and can begin using MyChart to check in for upcoming appointments beginning September 23.

While this transition represents a significant change for patients and care teams alike, the long-term benefits will be substantial. Epic is a leading developer of comprehensive health care software and is used by numerous academic medical centers around the world.

Patients can rest assured that the Emory Healthcare team will continue to deliver patient care with the same excellent standards during October as we begin using our new system. Patient safety and well-being remain our number one priority, and our care teams will continue to have full access to patient health information during the transition.

Patients will receive an email reminder when MyChart signup begins.

For more information, visit the Epic Resource Center.

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