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The Emory Healthcare Addiction Center implements a multidisciplinary treatment approach for the management of substance use for individuals ages 14 and older. We also specialize in treatment for individuals with both addiction and psychiatric disorders, identified as having a “dual diagnosis” or a “co-occurring disorder.” Individuals who are dually diagnosed often face various psychosocial stressors, and with simultaneous treatment of both conditions, successful long-term recovery often occurs. Long-term recovery involves a strong recovery support network and learning healthy skills that influence relationships and decision-making.

Emory Adolescent Substance Use Treatment Services

Emory Adolescent Substance Use Treatment Services (EAST) is a division of the Emory Addiction Center. EAST treats people 14-26 years of age. Our team includes clinical experts in addiction care and mental health.

We use a model for substance use treatment that focuses on how thoughts and emotions affect behavior. Our approach helps patients build skills to prevent using. We focus on identifying triggers for substance use. Our team teaches everyday strategies to resist the pressures to use.

We believe an individual’s background and belief systems play a role in personalized care. Our approach respects the unique nature of each patient’s recovery.

Patients are encouraged to join community support groups to strengthen their support network. Support groups are useful both during and after treatment.

Community Reinforcement Approach

Our clinicians utilize the Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA), a cognitive behavioral model for substance use treatment. This approach helps patients develop and strengthen relapse prevention skills by identifying external and internal triggers for use, patterns of using behavior, consequences of use, and effective techniques in resisting pressures to use. We believe an individual’s culture, background, family, and belief systems are all important aspects of individualized care. Patients are also strongly encouraged to participate in community support groups to assist in developing and strengthening their support network while in and after treatment.


  • Adolescent Outpatient Substance Use Treatment
  • Adult Outpatient Substance Use Treatment
  • Psychiatric Assessments
  • Medication Management (including injectable naltrexone and buprenorphine)
  • Intensive Outpatient Programming
  • Individual Therapy
  • Skill-Building Group Therapy
  • Family Support Groups
  • About Us

    Addiction Center is part of the larger Emory Brain Health Center. We are one of only a few of specialized centers in the world treating brain disorders and diseases.

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