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Emory University Hospital Midtown
Hearing evaluations + Hearing Aids + Implantable Technology
550 Peachtree St NE 9th floor,
Ste 4400 Atlanta, GA 30308

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Emory Decatur Hospital 
Hearing Evaluations + Hearing Aids
2675 N. Decatur Rd.
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Comprehensive Care for Hearing Loss

More than 30 million Americans aged 12 and older have some degree of hearing loss in both ears. And the risk increases as you grow older. Nearly half of seniors aged 75+ have disabling hearing loss, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD).
The team of specialists at Emory Audiology understands that hearing loss affects every aspect of your life. We offer comprehensive care to diagnose and treat hearing loss and help you regain your quality of life.

Emory Audiology Program

The Emory Audiology Program provides on-site audiology services at Emory University Hospital Midtown. Our hearing experts assess hearing disorders and determine the best care options to address the conditions.

Ear, nose and throat physicians are available if your hearing loss can be corrected through medical intervention. We also provide state-of-the-art assisted listening devices, hearing aids, bone conduction devices, and cochlear implants.

Let our team help you hear better!

You Don’t Have to Live with Hearing Loss

The soundtrack of your life is full of things worth hearing. Your favorite music. A child's laughter. Or any sounds you are missing. At Emory Audiology, we know hearing loss can rob you of simple pleasures that you might take for granted.

It can also:

  • Affect your communication with loved ones, health care providers and others
  • Cause you to miss smoke alarms and other essential warning signals
  • Decrease awareness of your surroundings, putting you at risk for accidents or injury
  • Interfere with learning and socialization
  • Lead to isolation and depression
  • Speed cognitive decline

Why Choose Care at Emory Audiology?

Audiologists are professionals who are uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat hearing loss. The Emory Audiology Program's full-time team offers solutions that meet your needs and suit your lifestyle. We:

  • Build a relationship focused on meeting your hearing needs
  • Counsel you, your caregivers, and your family on ways to handle new challenges
  • Explain how to protect your hearing
  • Diagnose and treat hearing and tinnitus issues
  • Offer cochlear implants and bone conduction implants
  • Provide hearing screening and testing
  • Select and fit hearing aids

Don’t Wait to Get Treatment

It may be time to give us a call if you regularly ask for things to be repeated, can’t hear when on the telephone, miss conversations or portions of sentences, misunderstand what others are saying or turn up the television.

If you or someone you love is experiencing hearing loss, don’t ignore it. Hearing loss doesn't have to threaten your quality of life. We’ve helped thousands of people improve their hearing and we can help you.