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Related Stroke Treatments

Aneurysm Treatments

Aneurysm treatments help prevent hemorrhaging and are only effective if performed before a stroke has occurred.

Aneurysm Clipping

This procedure involves clipping, or placing a clamp on, the aneurysm to prevent it from leaking blood.

Aneurysm Coiling

In this procedure, soft platinum coils are inserted into the aneurysm through a microcatheter.

The coils fill the ballooned section, preventing blood from entering, which in turn prevents future bleeding.

Vascular Malformation Treatments

Surgical Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) Removal

If the AVM is located in a more accessible area of the brain, it can be removed through stereotactic microsurgery.

This procedure uses microscopic cameras and delicate instruments to remove an AVM rupture.

See an example of this procedure here.

Stereotactic Radiosurgery

This procedure uses a focused beam of radiation to eliminate the AVM, which eventually clots and dissolves.

Endovascular Treatment or Embolization

In this procedure, a small coil is injected into the vessel with the AVM through a microcatheter.

The coil prevents blood from entering, and so prevents the AVM from rupturing.

Embolization also may be used to assist in the overall treatment of the malformation by other means such as surgery or radiosurgery.