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Stroke Emergency Services

The Emory University Hospital Emergency Room has state-of-the-art, emergency critical care for stroke patients. Emergency care includes access to the dedicated and separate Neurointensive Care Unit and the neurointensive physicians, who are experts at emergency stroke care, are available at all times.

Emory Flight is the Emory Healthcare System's air medical transportation service, which covers much of the southeast region. Stroke patients require immediate and specialized attention. When distance, location or impaired roads could delay transport or endanger a patient's condition, air transportation to the Emory MBNA Stoke Center can be a life-saving factor. In addition, getting the patient to the Stroke Center early can prevent or reverse much of the damage caused by a stroke.

The three helicopters currently in use are equipped with advanced life support systems. Emory Flight saves lives through the skills of professional flight crews working in conjunction with Emergency Medical Services and hospital staff.