NCI-Designated Cancer Center

Georgia’s First and Only National Cancer Institute

Why choose a Cancer Institute with a NCI Accreditation? The National Cancer Institute (NCI), is an internationally-recognized organization that provides only an elite cancer institute an NCI accreditation. According to NCI, a cancer institute that has NCI accreditation is recognized for their scientific leadership, resources, depth and breadth in research, and cutting-edge cancer treatments.

Our commitment to cancer prevention and treatment has earned us NCI Accreditation from the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Our cancer institute research is improving cancer treatments in our community and globally. We meet the highest NCI accreditation standards for cancer research. Here, you can receive the most progressive cancer treatments years before they’re widely available.

NCI Accreditation and Cancer Survival

NCI accreditation is associated with improved long-term survival up to 25% greater than others who are not a National Cancer Institute location like Winship at Emory. According to a Dartmouth study, possible factors responsible for these benefits include surgeon training, multidisciplinary care, and adherence to treatment guidelines.

Winship is a Comprehensive Cancer Center

We have earned the comprehensive cancer center designation from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the highest honor given to a cancer center in the United States. As the only NCI-designated cancer center in the state of Georgia, Winship at Emory is proud to be on the leading-edge of discoveries and translational research that result in therapies improving cancer patient outcomes. This NCI designation means that Winship at Emory has demonstrated that its programs are reducing the cancer burden on the state of Georgia through research conducted in its laboratories, its clinical trial program, and its population-based science.
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