What to Expect at a Complex
Airway Appointment

Specialty Treatments at Emory Complex Airway Program

Successful treatment of rare and complex diseases of the airway requires care from multiple providers with a wide range of knowledge, expertise and training. That’s why the multidisciplinary team at the Emory Complex Airway Program includes specialists from:

A Team of Experts Focused on You

Our team approach brings multiple experts together to develop a plan to restore function to your airway and improve your quality of life. Their collaboration means you’ll typically have appointments with more than one provider when you come in for care. We know our thorough approach can make for a long day. But it gets results.

You’ll meet separately with an interventional pulmonologist, laryngologist, speech-language pathologist, and thoracic surgeon in their Emory University Hospital Midtown clinics. In some cases, telemedicine options may be available. Ask your provider for details.

During each visit, the physician will:

  • Discuss your health history and details of your complex airway issue
  • Perform a physical examination
  • Review your medical records, including any test results, imaging or scans from previous care

Your appointment may include:

  • An assessment of your ability to breathe and swallow
  • An examination of your larynx and trachea

After your appointments, the specialists meet to share what they’ve learned and collaborate on a plan of action.


Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage for services at the Emory Complex Airway Program depends on each patient’s specific insurance plan. You may incur multiple co-pays for the visit. Check with your insurance provider to determine what your plan will cover. Our onsite financial counselor can answer any additional questions.


Make an Appointment at Emory Complex Airway Program

For more information or to schedule an appointment at the Emory Complex Airway Program, call 404-686-1231.

Make an Appointment
To schedule an appointment at the Emory Complex Airway Program, call 404-686-1231.