Dizziness and
Balance Center

Meet our Team

Jaffar Khan, MD
Vascular Neurologist

Lisa Heusel-Gillig
Physical Therapist

Lisa has been a physical therapist in the Emory Dizziness and Balance Center since 2001. Prior to becoming a vestibular specialist, she treated both inpatients and Rehab Day program outpatients at the Emory Rehabilitation Hospital beginning in 1988. She earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2007 and became a Board Certified Neurology Clinical Specialist in 2010. She has been a part of many research studies conducted at Emory to improve the care of vestibular patients. She has also been on the faculty of the annual Emory Vestibular Rehabilitation Competency Course since 2001 and has been a co-director for 3 years. She has also taught internationally in Australia and New Zealand as well as in weekend courses across the country. She is active in the APTA, Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy and Vestibular Special Interest Group leadership team.

Robert Welch
Audiometric Technician

Robert has 23 years Vestibular testing experience with over 20,000 patient encounters, coming to Emory Healthcare in 2001 after working in a Waterloo, Iowa Balance Center clinic 4 years with audiometry training at the University of Northern Iowa. He worked under the direct supervision of Drs. Ronald Tusa and Susan J. Herdman in Vestibular research and clinic from 2001 through 2008. He Instructed in VNG, Rotary Chair, SVV, VEMP and Computerized Dynamic Posturography testing during fall Vestibular Rehabilitation Competency courses at Emory University. He attended the Emory Vestibular Function-Test Interpretation and Application to Rehabilitation courses with certifications in 2001 and 2004.

He has extensive experience in hearing-evoked potential testing doing VEMP research at UNF in Jacksonville, FL and clinical ECog and ABR at Emory University. He is a Certified Medical Audiometric Technician and is also CAOHC certified. He stays busy keeping track of his 5 grandchildren and his hobbies include motorcycle trips to the Georgia coast and Colorado and working on his Ford Mustang. He feels incredibly blessed to work at the country’s best medical organization with Dr. Khan and their amazing co-workers.