Emory Executive Health Center

Emory Executive Health Center

Imagine if there was a place where your health and your time were valued so much that a tailored executive healthcare experience would be crafted to meet your individual needs. We are that executive health center.

We are an internationally recognized, comprehensive wellness center located at the heart of the Emory campus. Established in 1995, we provide comprehensive physical examinations and extensive annual testing to those who seek personalized health care. The experience we offer surpasses services available in traditional executive healthcare settings.

Emory Executive Health coordinates all your healthcare needs on the day of your visit and reviews the results with you the same day. Our approach to preventative medicine has earned us national recognition. Emory Executive Health is ranked in the top 1% for patient satisfaction * (Press Ganey).

While in our executive health suite, you will be greeted by our caring staff, enjoy a spacious and serene waiting room and have access to our dedicated conference room and shower amenities. We offer refreshments including breakfast options and a healthy lunch to take on the go.

Emory Executive Health Center is Committed To

  • Providing consistent, quality care to manage complex chronic diseases, respond to urgent issues and help you reach your wellness goals
  • Being attentive to your individual health care needs. We value the relationships and partnerships with our patients
  • Translating our on-site IRB-approved research into innovative interventions that directly benefit your health
  • Serving you with the help of our experienced academic faculty members who are actively involved in educating the next generation of medical and allied health professionals
  • Working collaboratively with the full array of specialists and resources at Emory Healthcare to coordinate and streamline your care
  • Creating an atmosphere of comfort in our spacious suite, so you can either relax and enjoy your time spent with us or get your work done
  • Sharing the corporate mission of being agents of change, bending the health care cost curve and improving the health of our communities. We are actively promoting wellness as a cultural norm. We offer on-site talks to our corporate partners that empower employees with the clarity, tools and skills needed to achieve optimal health and productivity
  • Offering customized health care services to businesses and organizations

Meet Our Executive Health Center Team

Executive Health Center Team

The Emory Executive Health staff includes outstanding Internal Medicine physicians, nurses, and an administration team focused on facilitating your executives' care.

The team is led by Sharon H. Bergquist, MD. Dr. Bergquist is board certified in internal medicine and professor of medicine at Emory University School of Medicine.

Request an Emory Executive Health Center Appointment

Please contact our office at 404-778-1234 or email us at executive.health@emoryhealthcare.org to have a personal scheduling link sent to your email for an online appointment request form.