Lung Transplant Program

Our Quality Outcomes & Care

Emory Transplant Center is committed to providing excellent clinical outcomes and delivering outstanding service and medical care to our patients. Our expertise, combined with our highly ranked survival outcomes, allows us to provide patients with the highest level of experience and quality care possible.


  • Emory established Georgia's only lung transplant program in 1993, with the primary mission of serving Georgia residents suffering from otherwise untreatable complex lung diseases. To date, we've performed over 540 lung transplants.

Transplant Center of Medical Excellence

  • The Emory Lung Transplant Program has met the criteria for participation in Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield's Centers of Medical Excellence Transplant Program. This national quality label is awarded to programs that have proven their expertise at delivering quality care, based on input by leading medical experts and national societies.

Survival Outcomes

  • Emory’s risk adjusted one-year survival rates for lung transplant are 84.07% for patient survival and 84.07% for graft survival.
    *Published in the January 2021 release of the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients

For more data and information on lung transplant survival rates, visit the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients website, a database of transplantation statistics.

Program Investment

  • Mani Daneshmand, MD serves as the Director of the Emory Heart & Lung Transplantation and Mechanical Circulatory Support programs. He is also Director of the Emory Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) Program.
  • Emory’s heart and lung transplant, mechanical circulatory, and ECMO programs have consolidated its services into one comprehensive program, improving care coordination for patients and their families, and providing world-class transplant and life support services to the people of Georgia and the entire Southeast.
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