Emory Neurosarcoidois Clinic

Emory Neurosarcoidois Clinic


At the Emory Neurosarcoidosis Clinic, we are committed to providing compassionate and thoughtful care for those with sarcoidosis affecting the nervous system, as guided by the latest developments in neurosarcoidosis research. Neurosarcoidosis can involve any portion of the nervous system, and its symptoms are highly variable and unique to each patient, so we make sure to provide an individualized care treatment plan for each of our patients. Recognizing that sarcoidosis often involves multiple organs, we also collaborate with other specialties at Emory Healthcare, such as rheumatology, pulmonology, ophthalmology, and others to provide comprehensive care for the disorder.

Members of the clinical team are active in neurosarcoidosis research with a focus on understanding exactly how it affects the nervous system and what treatments may hold promise in combatting the disorder. Preparing the next generation of neurologists to care for patients with neurosarcoidosis is another priority of the clinic with extensive teaching and training.

We look forward to helping you navigate your personal journey with neurosarcoidosis. Please visit our new patients page to learn more about becoming a patient in our clinic or visit our resources page to learn more about this disorder.

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