Proton Therapy

Powerfully Precise Radiation

Proton therapy is a type of radiation therapy that uses charged subatomic particles to target cancer cells. The radiation beam precisely matches the size, shape and depth of the tumor. No radiation spreads beyond the targeted area. Healthy tissues and organs aren’t damaged, and radiation side effects decrease.

The treatment is ideal for oddly shaped tumors or those located in sensitive areas. It also offers a way to treat complex and recurrent tumors. 

Proton Therapy vs. X-Ray Radiation

Traditional radiation sends X-rays, or beams of photons, to the tumor as well as nearby tissues and organs. Proton therapy delivers a targeted beam of proton particles that stops at the tumor, making it less like to damage healthy tissues.

Benefits of Proton Therapy

Proton beam therapy is a highly effective way to treat cancer and may improve your quality of life before and after treatment. Benefits include:

Reduced Radiation Exposure

Proton beam therapy only targets the tumor. Healthy tissues and organs are spared unnecessary radiation.

Fewer Side Effects

Proton therapy may reduce some side effects during and after treatment. For example, patients with head or neck cancer may have less difficulty swallowing or those with prostate may experience fewer urinary or bowel problems. 

The risk of longer-term effects from radiation treatment also decreases. Long-term side effects can include dry mouth, heart and lung damage and secondary cancers.

No Pain

Like other forms of radiation, proton beam therapy is painless. 

Treatment for Complex and Recurrent Tumors

Proton beam therapy can treat complex or irregularly shaped tumors located close to vital organs, critical structures or healthy tissue.

The therapy can treat tumors that come back after radiation treatment, a situation in which other types of radiation may not be a good option.

Treatment for Children

Proton beam therapy reduces the risks of radiation in children, whose growing bodies are most at risk of radiation side effects.

Is Proton Therapy Right for Me?

To determine if proton beam therapy it right for you, meet with one of our radiation oncologists or be seen in one of our multi-disciplinary clinics. Your doctor will discuss radiation treatment options, risks and side effects and answer your questions.

Proton beam therapy is one of many cancer-treatment tools at Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University. Our multidisciplinary team will review your case, compare the benefits and risks of different treatment options, and recommend what may work best for you.

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To make an appointment, please call 404-778-7777.