Robotic Surgery

ION Robotic Assisted Endoluminal Bronchoscopy

ION Robotic Assisted Endoluminal Bronchoscopy Machine ImageA robotic-assisted endoluminal platform for minimally invasive peripheral lung biopsy, known as ION, is now in operation at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital.

This technology diagnoses lung cancer sooner and with greater accuracy. It also substantially decreases the risk of collapsing the lung because bronchoscopy with Ion robotic assistance allows the specialist to use natural openings in the body.

Increased Diagnostic Capabilities and Early Diagnosis

The flexibility and shape-sensing capabilities of the ION catheter increase diagnostic capabilities, enabling a more precise biopsy compared to previous navigational bronchoscopy platforms.

When used with lung cancer screening, ION supports early diagnosis and staging of the lung cancer, often with just one minimally invasive procedure or curative therapy using a combination of ION with surgery in one setting.

Reduced Risk

Reducing or avoiding complications of more invasive approaches to biopsy, such as collapsed lung or pneumothorax, improve patient outcomes and provide an enhanced patient pathway for therapy.