Ryan White Program

Ryan White Care Act Program

The Ryan White Care Act provides funding for HIV/AIDS related care for persons meeting certain income and residency requirements.

The Emory Infectious Diseases Clinic at Emory University Hospital Midtown receives federal grant funding through the Ryan White Treatment Modernization Act. These grants set us apart from private doctor's offices such that it allow us to provide other specialty services such as nutrition, mental health, medical social work, short-term/long-term medication copayment assistance and other support services to those who are uninsured or underinsured, in addition to primary care services. All patients, however, regardless of insurance status or income, benefit from the funds since they are directed toward staff resources and other services.

The Emory Infectious Disease Clinic at Emory University Hospital Midtown has been providing Ryan White Part C services since 1993 and Part A services since 2002. Ryan White Part C services are a part of the Ryan White Treatment Modernization Act which provides funds to health care facilities for HIV Early Intervention Services and primary care in outpatient settings. Both Part A and C funding make it possible for healthcare providers to offer HIV counseling, testing, and referral; counseling and education on living with HIV disease, including availability and use of treatment therapies; appropriate medical evaluation and clinical care such as laboratory tests and medication to prevent and treat illness; and direct services for oral health care, mental health care, outpatient substance abuse treatment, nutritional services, and other specialty medical care.

The intention of the Ryan White Grant is to provide access to medical care and treatment to those people living with HIV/ AIDS who are under-insured or uninsured. It does not replace other third-party payers. In the event that you become eligible for insurance coverage, please let your social worker or any other staff know this information. Knowing this information and switching your status from a Ryan White Case to insured, presents an available slot for others who are on a waiting list. Additionally, there may be other Ryan White resources available to assist you with deductibles, co-insurance, or out-of-pocket medical costs.