Transplant Center

Transplant Research & Clinical Trials

Emory Transplant Center’s core mission is to provide quality care for patients in need of organ transplants while offering access to the most advanced transplant technology. That mission extends beyond the care of patients presenting today, and includes improvement of the therapies available for future patients. As such, Emory Transplant Center has an exceptionally active research and development program that is seamlessly integrated into our clinical program.

Our research program has earned an international reputation for clinical excellence and medical breakthroughs. Follow the links below to learn more about our research program, including highlights and our outstanding faculty.

Discovery & Translational Research

Emory is at the forefront of discovery and translational research pursuing studies that translate to the patient bedside. Read more about our most notable projects.


The Emory Transplant Center Biorepository for Translational Science (ETC Biorepository) contributes to the improvement of transplant outcomes by supporting Emory researchers in their basic, translational and clinical research studies.

Research Highlights

Emory researchers have made significant strides in the field of transplantation. Follow this link to learn more about how Emory researchers are helping patients.


The breadth and scope of our research is conducted by a team of 48 faculty who include basic scientists and clinical researchers across departments ranging from surgery to medicine to pediatrics.