Emory Voice Center

Your Initial Visit

Your initial visit with Emory Voice Center will include an evaluation based on current symptoms and conditions and a thorough review of your medical history. In addition to completing the Voice Center and Otolaryngology registration forms (which can be printed and filled out in advance), you will need to have any other pertinent information including your medical history, past x-ray films, and test results. Please ask your referring physician to help you collect this information.


Our center is staffed by ear nose and throat doctors and speech-language pathologists with specialized training in voice, swallowing, breathing, and cough problems. We are proud to offer new patients with diagnostic tests and procedures in a multi-disciplinary clinic. This means that you are likely to see two providers – an ear nose and throat doctor and a speech-language pathologist. Your comprehensive visit may take up to 1-2 hours.

The ear, nose, and throat doctor will evaluate your ears, nose, and throat for abnormalities that may be helped with medical or surgical treatments.

The speech-language pathologist will evaluate your breathing, swallowing, and voice function. He or she will determine if voice/breathing/cough/swallowing therapy is the right treatment for your problem.

One of our specialized providers will evaluate your problem by looking at your throat and vocal cords. This procedure is done by passing a small, flexible scope through the nose, or with a straight, rigid scope in the mouth. If swallowing problems are present, you may eat or drink while this examination is completed.

You may also have your voice and breathing tested and recorded in our voice laboratory. The speech-language pathologist may give you some exercises to do to start helping your problem – right away.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage for these services depends on each patient's specific insurance plan. You may incur two co-pays for the visit. It is your responsibility to check with your insurance provider to determine your specific plan coverage. Additional questions can be answered by our financial counselor, on site.