500 page

Developer Notes

  • 500 Page is the page displayed when a server error occurs while processing a request on the Web server
  • The 500 Page will only display on CD environments, on CM environments the error will display instead of the 500 page in order to better assist resolving errors if they arise.
  • Page is located here - /sitecore/content/EH/Emory/Home/500Error. 
  • This page is completely editable in EE.
  • Although the 500 page can be edited in Sitecore it must be deployed through a code deploy. The process to update the 500 page is as follows:
    • 500 Page is updated by a Content Author at the path: sitecore/content/EH/Emory/Home/500Error
    • The 500 Page content item must be pulled down locally by a Developer
    • The static 500 page must be regenerated by going to this path in SC: /sitecore/content/EH/Emory/Settings/Site Grouping/EHCD, selecting Error Handling tab in the Content Ribbon and then selecting "Generate static error page"
    • The generated error page must be updated in source control in the EH.Project.Emory project at this path: /ErrorPages/emoryhealthcareError.html
    • The updated 500 page must then be deployed through the standard DevOps deployment pipeline
  • Currently, the page has the following components :
    • Hero Banner - Base Hero variant of EH Hero; local datasource item name - Hero Banner.
    • EH Breadcrumb for breadcrumb.
    • Content Spot - for the page content.
  • The Header and Footer has been added via Page Design.
  • The 500 page is configured in the Settings item (/sitecore/content/EH/Emory/Settings) - Server error page link field.
  • Page URL -.500 Internal Server Error

Content Author Notes


500 Page:

  • See Dev Notes