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Developer Notes

  • Back To Top functionality in the footer has been using the OOB SXA Link component which resides inside Navigation tab in the Toolbox by the name Link.
  • A new rendering variant by the name Back to Top has been created for it.
  • Back to Top link located under Footer partial (/sitecore/content/EH/Emory/Presentation/Partial Designs/Footer).
  • An example of the functionality and the component is shown HERE.

Content Author Notes

The back to top link should be used on pages with a lot of content/copy to assist the user in page navigation.

1.  To place a back to top link on a page, choose to add a new component then select the Navigation tab, lastly select Link

2.  Next select a data source for the item, there is a back to top global data source that should be used when adding to a page

3.  The link can be modified within the tool bar for the component


Back to Top Button:

  • The Back To Top will be positioned in the middle  of the footer between logo and social icons with a slight height adjustment
  • The Text should say "Back to Top"
  • When the user clicks on the back to top it should scroll up the page vs a hard jump.


  • Back to top appears above logo