Base Page Template

Developer Notes

  • Base Page Template, as the name suggests, is the base for all the page templates of Emory and AAG website.
  • It is located here - /sitecore/templates/Project/EH/Base Page.
  • It inherits multiple OOB SXA base templates as well as custom base templates. Please check the Inheritance tab OR Base Template field in the Content tab for details.
  • Custom fields added via base templates -
    • Field Section - Navigation (Path - /sitecore/templates/Project/Common/Base Templates/_Navigation Extended)
      • Hide Breadcrumb - checkbox field to hide breadcrumb from the current page
    • Field Section - Page Meta Properties (Path - /sitecore/templates/Project/Common/Base Templates/_Meta Extended)
      • Page Title - single text field to add title meta tag for the page.
      • No Index - checkbox field to set noindex in robots meta tag.
      • No Follow - checkbox field to set nofollow in robots meta tag.
    • Field Section - Chat Bot Settings (Path - /sitecore/templates/Project/Common/Base Templates/_Chat Bot Settings)
      • Disable Chat Bot - checkbox to disable/hide Chat Bot on a page.
  • Other fields used for meta data but are defined in OOB SXA templates -
    • Field Section - Page Meta Properties
      • Page keywords - data in the field is added in keywords meta tag of page
      • Page description - data in the field is added in description meta tag of page.
    • Field Section - Open Graph
      • Title -  data in the field is added in og:title meta tag of page
      • Description -  data in the field is added in og:description meta tag of page
      • Image -  data in the field is added in og:image meta tag of page

Content Author Notes

The base page template is the basic page template for new pages to be added onto the site.

1.  This base page template is not pre-set up with custom items for specific page types, this is generic and can be used to hold any of the site components.

2.  To create a base page using the base page template, right click on the parent item for the new page and select Page

3.  Once this has been added, name the new page and select "Ok".

4.  Please see the developer notes for available fields and items on this base page template.


Base Page Template:

  • See Dev Notes