Location Search Page

Developer Notes

  • Location Search Page is a one-off page created for location search.
  • It's Sitecore Item is located here - /sitecore/content/EH/Emory/Home/locations.
  • URL of the the page is  locations.
  • Page Template - Location Search, please refer this page for its details.
  • Page Design - Location Search Results
    • It has the same Header and Footer partials as other page designs but a different Metadata partial.
    • Search Results Metadata partial has, in addition to, all the renderings of the other metadata partial, react bundle which is required for the Location Search component.
  • It is a one-column page with the following components:
    • Content Spot - this is used to add heading "Find a Location" on the page.
    • EH Breadcrumb has been added.
    • Location Search Results component for the location search, please refer this page for its details. 
  • A screenshot of the page is shown HERE, the pre-rendered components are highlighted in the image.

Content Author Notes

Location search is a one-off page within the content tree.

2.  The page will dynamically bring in location data for user search.  There are some editable fields on the page such as title and breadcrumb


Location Search Page Type:

  • See Dev Notes