Search Results

Developer Notes

  • The Search Results page is Search and it resides here in Sitecore - /sitecore/content/EH/Emory/Home/Search.
  • The Search Results page is made of SXA search components, please refer the links for more details:
  •  The rendering parameter - Search results signature is set to "site-search" for all the above components on the page. This property can be accessed in the component's toolbar by clicking More, and then  Edit component properties. Please do not edit unless required and when edited then make sure to update all the components along with the Search Box component in the header.
  • All Search components need to reside in a Container with ID of site-search-results-page. This ID is being used for styling purposes.
  • In the Search Results component,  vertical variant needs to be selected.

Content Author Notes

Please see dev notes and links. 

Governance: Content Authors should not edit Site Search results page. 


Search Results:

  • Upon load of the search page, the breadcrumb and the search box should appear (sans search criteria)
  • The User should see a list of results according to the search criteria entered with a numerical value
    of results found. (Results Count)
  • The User should see the detail pages based on search criteria which will include:
    • Title of page
    • Page URL
    • Body description (excerpt of 1st paragraph, 100 character limit)
  • Pagination should display beneath the search results.
    • Pagination should display page numbers that allow a user to jump to that specific page.
      • Upon hover page numbers are highlighted
    • Pagination should only show if there are more than 10 page results. 
  • If zero results are returned an error message should be displayed "No results found"
  • Styling should follow Emory Theme


  • Upon entering of search criteria, results will appear below the search bar. 
  • Pagination will appear below the results.
  • Upon user selecting page via pagination they should be directed to the top of the search results
    of the corresponding page.