Site Search

Developer Notes

  • Site Search has been implemented using OOB SXA's Search feature.
  • The component resides inside the Search tab in the Toolbox by the name Search Box.
  • Search Box has three variants: Default, Header, and Header Mobile.
  • The global search box is located under Header partial /sitecore/content/EH/Emory/Presentation/Partial Designs/Header
  • The data-source of the global search box resides here - /sitecore/content/EH/Emory/Data/Search/Search Box/EH Search Box.
  • Applicable Fields which can be modified by clicking the gear icon while selecting the Search Box component -
    • Textbox placeholder text - single line text field for placeholder of the search box.
  • Search box rendering properties imperative for Search can be accessed in the Search Box toolbar by clicking More, and then Edit component properties:
    • Search results signature - unique signature of a specific Search Results rendering, currently set to site-search, please do not edit unless required.
    • Search scope - Select a scope to limit the search results. Set to Emory Search Scope, please do not edit unless required.
    • Search results page - Select the specific search page, if you want to direct to a separate page. Set to Home/Search,  please do not edit unless required.
    • Suggestions mode Show search results as predictions has been selected, please do not edit unless required.

Content Author Notes


Site Search:

  • The Site Search component within the header as well as the search results page
    will enable visitors to do a general search of the site. 
  • The Site Search will use OOB SXA search and will include the following:
    • Search Box
    • Search Button
    • Search Placeholder Text (Search our Site)
    • Search Results Page Link
  • Upon user clicking enter they should automatically be taken to the search results page. 
  • Users can perform free text search.
  • Show predictions should be enabled to allow user to click on text of shown predictions based on their initial entry.
  • Styling is OOB SXA Search.
  • This component must follow accessibility standards for alt test, and keyboard navigation. 


  • See requirements above, 
  • The search name and icon turn into a toggle button to hide and show the search input area. 
  • Upon user clicking on search Icon a search  box will appear for text entry.