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Developer Notes

  • Skip To links have been added to the website using OOB SXA's Skip Links components.
  • These Skip Links are added in the Metadata partial - /sitecore/content/EH/Emory/Presentation/Partial Designs/Metadata
  • Three skip links added to the website are
    • Skip to Main Navigation - link to let the user jump to the main-navigation - i.e.- header; /sitecore/content/EH/Emory/Presentation/Partial Designs/Metadata/Data/Skip To Main Navigation
    • Skip to Content -  link to let the user jump to the main content - i.e.-content; /sitecore/content/EH/Emory/Presentation/Partial Designs/Metadata/Data/Skip To Content
    • Skip to Footer -  link to let the user jump to the footer - i.e.- footer; /sitecore/content/EH/Emory/Presentation/Partial Designs/Metadata/Data/Skip To Footer
  • Each skip link item has these two fields which are imperative for the link to function:
    • Content ID - single line text field to enter the ID of the section where the link should redirect.
    • Title - single line text field to enter text that will be displayed to the user


Skip To Main:

  • The Skip Link Component allows the user to bypass the blocks of content that are repeated on multiple web pages.
    The user can skip navigation and jump straight to page content.
  • The CA should have the ability to add the Skip Link to any page. 
  • The CA should be able to define where the user is taken on the page by editing the link:
    • Skip to Main Site Navigation
    • Skip to Content
    • Skip to Footer
  • The titles of skip to main navigation is managed via dictionary.
  • As user scrolls down the page the Skip to main site navigation appears if the user has hit tab.
  • For AAG styling according to website.
  • For Emory use same styling as AAG using Emory theme.
  • Positioning should be top left. 


  • Does not appear on mobile.