Developer Notes

Tagging is OOTB SC functionality, but was extended to allow content authors the ability to tag locations with various types of data in order to drive location search functionality on the website. Two fields were added to the location template to support these features called "Care Type" and "Specialty Care"

Location Tagging Fields

Tags can be added or removed by double clicking on the Care Type or Specialty Care on the left (to add) or right (to remove) columns. You can also use the > and < carrots to add or remove them.

Tags are managed within Sitecore under the global data folder. Location specific tags are managed at this path: /sitecore/content/Global/Location Search Facets

Location Search Facets

New Tags can be added to Sitecore under the Care Types and Specialty Care folders. It should be noted that the Location Search functionality does have logic which requires existing Care Types to exist (these should never be deleted). Different icons are displayed as part of search depending on the Care Type a location is tagged with. However, new Care Types and Specialty Care items can be added and removed as required. If a Care Type or Specialty Care is removed, you should also remove all references to that Care Type/Specialty Care.

Care Types and Specialty Care items are used as filters within the Location Search implementation. Adding/removing Care Types and Specialty Care items as well as adding or removing how they are tagged to locations will affect the filters that are displayed on the Location Search page as well as which locations are displayed when those filters are selected.

Location Search

Content Author Notes

Tagging is focused on locations page as of 2023. Location pages can be tagged as certain care types or specialty cares. This is managed on a page-level. 

The best way to manage this is in the Content Editor View. 

1. Open up the content tree and select the page you would like to edit.

3. View Tagging Section in the Content Area


4. Authors can double click the tag they would like to add or utilized the areas in the content tree to add or remove tags. 

5. Save and published changes