Hip Labral Tear

Although usually associated with hip impingement, the labrum or "O-ring" of the hip joint can be torn by an injury to the hip. The labrum is important because it deepens the socket and seals fluid in the joint for proper lubrication. If torn, the labrum can be removed or repaired with arthroscopic surgery.

Acetabular Labral Tear Symptoms

  • A locking, clicking or catching sensation in your hip joint
  • Pain in your hip or groin
  • Stiffness or limited range of motion in your hip joint

The cause of a hip labral tear may be from an injury or dislocation of the hip joint. Repetitive motions in sports and other activities can lead to wear and tear that ultimately results in a labral tear.

Acetabular Labral Tear Treatment

Treatment options will depend on the severity of the labral tear. Non-surgical options include anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy. If conservative treatment is unsuccessful, your doctor may recommend arthroscopic surgery to repair or remove the torn piece of labrum. Most people return to activities or sports within four to six months after surgery.