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Levemir Insulin Discontinuation

The company that makes the Levemir brand of insulin is discontinuing it in 2024. It will no longer be possible to renew prescriptions once that happens, but multiple other options for insulin injections work the same way that Levemir does. If you are taking Levemir, your doctor will need to write a new prescription for whichever one of those alternatives is best covered by your insurance when your current supply runs out.

Please call your doctor's office or send a portal message at least two weeks before you run out of Levemir insulin so that they have time to decide which alternative option is best and get any approvals needed.

It is fine to continue to use any Levemir you have remaining in the meantime. There are no problems with the medication itself. The manufacturer is having difficulty with supply costs.

Please call 404-778-7777 with any additional questions or concerns.

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.