Primary Care Focused on Women’s Health—A Prescription for Your Well-Being

Date: Oct 14, 2022

Women have unique health care needs. But it’s more than having different anatomy, more than needs related to giving birth or experiencing menopause. The truth is certain medical conditions that affect both men and women — like osteoporosis, migraines and depression — happen more often in women. And sometimes, the symptoms of certain conditions (like a heart attack, for example) can be different for a woman.

Women can benefit from a primary care provider (PCP) who fully understands their life journey and appreciates these unique health care needs. Someone who makes them feel comfortable and safe and can relate to their circumstances. At Emory Healthcare, we have PCPs with a special interest and extended training in women’s health. Their knowledge, skills and experiences could make one of them the perfect health care provider for you.

Lifetime Care You Can Count On

It’s not uncommon for young, healthy women to rely on their gynecologist/obstetrician (OBGYN) for primary care. But having a dedicated PCP may offer a more comprehensive approach to your well-being. An Emory PCP who focuses on women’s health can help you address your health care needs at all ages and stages of life. In addition, they can be a trusted resource and a connecting point to providers in more than 70 specialties at Emory, including gynecology. Our team’s expertise is unmatched in Georgia and ensures you’ll be in excellent hands, regardless of your health situation.

Our PCPs know women’s health. And they get to know you, too. By developing a long-term relationship with you, these providers learn your priorities when it comes to your health and well-being. They ensure you get the right care and education when you need it. What’s more, many Emory Healthcare family medicine providers who care for women also care for pediatric patients. This means you’ll have a trusted provider for your newborn baby or older children, as well.

“As a child, I knew I wanted to help people when I grew up. And medicine seemed like a good fit because I’ve always been a nurturer,” says Allison Barker, MD, a family medicine physician at Emory at Belmont – Primary Care. “When I shadowed my mentor while in college, I discovered that family medicine was my calling. I loved the variety it provided and the fact that I can really get to know my patients and care for them throughout their lives. I also like educating my patients and helping them take good care of themselves. It’s especially rewarding when I can teach young people healthy habits that will benefit them well into the future.”

Expertise in All Aspects of Women’s Health

When you choose a PCP with a special interest in women’s health, you’ll have someone by your side who’s ready to provide the care and guidance you need for any health issue. And if you need specialty care, they’ll refer you to one of our other experts. Our providers focus on many areas of particular interest to women, including:

  • Bladder care, which can include bladder emptying disorders, bladder prolapse, interstitial cystitis and urinary incontinence.
  • General health, including diet and nutrition, physical activity, psychological care and counseling for abuse or sexual assault, and sleep disorders.
  • Gynecology and reproductive health issues, such as abnormal vaginal bleeding, irregular menstrual cycles, vaginal yeast infections and many other conditions.
  • Infertility counseling, testing, treatment and ovulation monitoring.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth support for breastfeeding and nursing; pregnancy planning and preparation; and prenatal care, delivery and postpartum care.
  • Preventive care and screenings, which might include a number of health screenings based on a woman’s family history or age. These could include immunizations, bone density testing, pelvic and breast exams, STI testing, pap smears and HPV testing and more.
  • Sexual health issues, including, birth control and family planning; prevention, diagnosis and treatment of STIs; and treatment for sexual dysfunction.

Whatever your health needs and stage of life, you can count on your PCP to be a source of constant support.

“I believe in building a good rapport with my patients and encouraging shared decision making,” says Zazi Nylander, MD, a family medicine physician with Emory at Tucker – Primary Care (Lavista Road). “I want you to feel comfortable talking to me about anything. You can count on me to be a good listener, nonjudgmental and a strong advocate for you.”

A Provider Who’s Right for You

Emory Healthcare offers a wide range of primary care services. With the variety of backgrounds, interests and experiences our providers have, you’re sure to find one who’s a good match for you.

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  • A primary care provider, or PCP, is your main point of contact for health care in non-emergency situations.

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