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Hemorrhagic Stroke Treatment

The type of therapy administered depends on many factors including age and general physical health as well as the severity, location, and cause of bleeding. The main goal of hemorrhagic stroke therapies is to control bleeding and reduce pressure in the brain.

Emergency Therapies


  • There are few medications given to those with hemorrhagic stroke.
  • Medical treatment may be given in order to relieve pain, reduce blood pressure, control seizures, and reduce fever and blood sugar levels.

General Surgery


  • If excessive blood has pooled in the brain, this procedure is performed to drain the blood and relieve pressure.

Hematoma Removal

  • This procedure removes any clots that have formed in the brain during hemorrhaging.
  • Less-invasive hematoma removal procedures may be available. These involve t-PA to break up a clot.

Continuing Care

After emergency treatment for hemorrhagic stroke, your physician will likely recommend: