Cognitive Neurology

What is an eConsult?

In some cases, a cognitive neurology specialist will carefully review the testing results and send an eConsult report to your referring provider before a face-to-face visit with a cognitive provider. This may occur when demand for services is high or due to other clinical factors.

The eConsult report will contain recommendations with available treatments, educational resources, support services, and research opportunities your referring provider to share with you.

In some cases, a face-to-face visit with one of our cognitive providers may still be needed. Our team will help you schedule this.

Please note that face-to-face visits in the cognitive clinic may not be recommended for every patient. These patients should plan to follow up with their referring provider for continued care.

A charge or insurance co-pay may apply for the eConsult. Please check with your insurance provider for details. The Current Procedural Terminology code, also referred to as a CPT Code, that is generated for the e-Consult is 99451.

Please see our eConsult guide here for additional information.