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The Place for Facial Paralysis Treatment in Georgia

The Emory Facial Nerve Center is the only center of its kind in Georgia that focuses solely on the treatment of facial paralysis. This challenging condition can cause physical, emotional and social problems.

As one of the only facial paralysis treatment programs in the Southeastern U.S., we are a multidisciplinary team of experts committed to helping you feel like yourself again.


The Importance of Facial Paralysis Treatment

Smiling at a loved one. Blinking. Enjoying a meal. Expressing emotions. These basic human acts become a challenge for individuals with facial paralysis.

Facial paralysis occurs when the facial nerve stops carrying electrical signals to the muscles of the face. Depending on the cause of paralysis, it can be permanent, recover partially or recover completely. Paralysis can take many forms, including facial drooping, involuntary movements or facial tightness. This leads to significant challenges for individuals suffering from this condition.

It is critical to accurately determine the cause of facial paralysis in every case to ensure the best patient outcomes. Following diagnosis, the Emory Facial Nerve Program focuses on the most up-to-date treatment options for patients afflicted with this condition.


Collaborative, Personalized Care

Our knowledgeable multidisciplinary team provides personalized treatments designed for your needs. This care includes treatment for all causes of facial paralysis

Our team includes board-certified specialists with backgrounds in head and neck surgery, facial plastic surgery, neurotology, oculoplastic surgery, and neurosurgery. We will work with you every step of the way and help you understand what you can expect during treatment.


Unparalleled Treatment Options

Our team specializes in surgical and nonsurgical treatments for facial paralysis, including:

  • Botox injections to help with facial spasms, synkinesis and overall symmetry
  • Surgery to help reconstruct or repair damaged muscles or nerves
  • Social and emotional support to help you manage the psychological aspects of facial paralysis  

Depending on your needs, you’ll meet with multiple specialists at the Emory Facial Nerve Program. Together, we’ll work to design a personalized treatment plan to meet your goals and provide the care you need.


Make an Appointment with Emory Facial Nerve Program

We have the resources and expertise to treat a range of conditions causing facial paralysis and to help you feel more like yourself. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at  404-686-4328 or 404-778-0278

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