Pregnant woman holding ultrasound images

Maternity Center

Obstetrical Services

Our "mother-baby" suites exemplify our developmentally supportive care. From birth, newborns are placed in the same room as their mothers and fathers so they can immediately begin to bond.

Maternity Services

Our obstetrical services include:

Along with our state-of-the-art facility and experience, comes the expertise associated with an academic medical center. This includes our association with the Emory University School of Medicine and neonatologists, perinatologists, obstetricians and anesthesiologists available 24 hours per day for the safety or you and your baby.

Personalized Birth Plans

If you plan to give birth at an Emory Healthcare hospital, you’ll work with our maternity care team to create an individualized birthing plan, which may include:

  • A birthing coach
  • A midwife
  • A specially trained doula
  • Natural childbirth without medication
  • Childbirth with pain-relieving medications

We encourage you to sign up to take a tour of our birth suites to learn more.