Pain Management

Pain Management Wellness

Emory Pain Center provides both outpatient services and inpatient consults (upon request from the patient's physician). Learn more about pain management wellness below.

Epidural Analgesia FAQs

You can take pain medicine through a small soft tube placed in the epidural space in your back. That space is close to the nerves that sense pain, especially pain in your chest, abdomen, back, and legs. Because the pain medicine is given so close to pain-sensing nerves, a small dose of the medicine usually gives very good pain relief. Learn more.


As part of our commitment to education, the Emory Pain Center faculty and educators train multidisciplinary pain fellows wishing to get board certified in Pain Management. The Department of Anesthesiology Multidisciplinary Pain Fellowship Program at Emory is a 12-month program which admits five fellows per year. Learn more.

Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) FAQs

Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) means that you will have some control of your pain medicine. Before PCA, when you needed medicine for pain, the nurse was called to bring it. With PCA, you press a button and the pain medicine is given through a small tube in a vein in your arm. Learn more.