The Adolescent and
Young Adult Reproductive Clinic

The Adolescent and Young Adult Reproductive Clinic bridges the gap in health care experienced by many young women. We help provide continued treatment for patients moving out of their teens and young adult years, address new concerns, and answer questions about changing reproductive and sexual health.

Plus, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of complex medical and gynecologic conditions. This particular group needs access to trusted health care providers with the experience to care for each unique stage of their lives. Our team is trained to provide and manage care throughout the many stages of reproductive health and are familiar with the specialized surgical and medical care needed by young women. From congenital reproductive anomalies to sexual development issues or side effects from cancer treatment, our team is ready to help.

Conditions We Treat

We treat many reproductive health conditions in young adults, ages 16-30, including:

Congenital anomalies:

  • Uterine and vaginal anomalies
  • Vaginal agenesis/atresia
  • Vaginal septum
  • Imperforate hymen
  • History of urogenital and anorectal malformation repair (e.g. imperforate anus, urogenital sinus surgery, cloaca)
  • Neovagina
  • History of vaginal reconstruction

Differences of Sexual Development (DSD):

  • Turner Syndrome
  • Androgen insensitivity syndrome
  • Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH)
  • Pure Gonadal Dysgenesis
  • Ambiguous genitalia

Hormone Conditions:

  • Ovarian failure (primary ovarian insufficiency)
  • Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism

Meet Our Providers

The Adolescent and Young Adult Reproductive Health Clinic is led by Krista Childress, MD and Nancy Sokkary, MD. Dr. Childress and Dr. Sokkary are fellowship trained in pediatric and adolescent gynecology, and are board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology. Dr. Childress and Dr. Sokkary see young adults at the Emory Reproductive Center, as well as younger patients at The Center for Advanced Pediatrics (Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta).