The Emory Running Medicine Program

The Emory Running Medicine

Welcome to the Emory Running Medicine Program

Regular exercise and running can lead to better health with every step. Running reduces your risk of diabetes, improves your heart health and helps you maintain a healthy weight. When pain or injury limits your running routine, the team of specialists at the Emory Running Medicine Program can help improve your performance and prevent damage.

Our experts are also runners, which gives us first-hand knowledge about what a runner needs. And our years of experience and access to the latest technology bring you comprehensive sports medicine care, including diagnosis, treatment and preventive care for athletes of all ages and abilities. Our care covers recreational, competitive and professional runners – from weekend warriors to Olympic athletes.

Advanced Evaluation, Treatment and Injury Prevention

Committed to the Running Community

At the Emory Running Medicine Program, we believe a team approach is the most effective way to foster healing. The partnerships we’ve built throughout the medical community and the community-at-large play a vital role in helping us fulfill our commitment to provide effective running care.
As runners and running medicine providers we support the local running community by covering the most popular events with on-site care and education. Our community support includes:

  • Race coverage for many of the area’s public races, including the Peachtree Road Race, the Publix Atlanta Marathon and the Wingfoot XC Classic.
  • Collegiate coverage for Emory University and Georgia Tech, including increased education about running and the Healthy Runner Clinic.
  • Professional coverage for the Atlanta Track Club’s Olympic Team and the Multidisciplinary Athlete Prevention and Performance Team.
  • National coverage at the 2020 Olympic games and as part of the national USA Track and Field pool of registered providers.

Annual Pre-Peachtree Road Race Symposium

The Pre-Peachtree Road Race Symposium is a free virtual event held every year. Together with the Atlanta Track Club’s Elite Team, the Emory Running Medicine Program hosts the annual symposium. It features discussion and education on current and relevant topics of interest to runners of all levels and ages. There is no charge to attend this event, but registration is required. Email us at for more information.

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