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Finance Fellowship Program

Finance Fellowship Program

The Emory Healthcare (EHC) Finance Fellowship Program is a two-year, full-time paid position that provides future healthcare executives with opportunities to gain an in-depth understanding of healthcare financial activities spanning from financial planning and analysis to revenue cycle operations in an academic medical center environment.

Fellows gain experience through rotations and hands-on project work throughout the organization (Physician Group Practice, Hospital Group, Corporate Finance, and Revenue Cycle). Fellows will also participate in weekly finance leadership meetings as well as annual capital and financial planning events. As a fellow, you’ll develop relationships with preceptors and other financial executives who will nurture your professional growth.

Program Advantages

  • Opportunity to develop a direct reporting relationship to a chief financial officer as well as working relationships with other senior financial executives throughout the two years in the program.
  • Opportunities to observe and participate in system-level planning and leadership meetings throughout the fellowship.
  • Opportunities to learn about the entire spectrum of healthcare financial services.
  • Opportunities to develop technical skills by working with various financial databases and systems

Fellowship Structure

Preceptor Relationships
Throughout your rotations, preceptors will serve as mentors and offer professional guidance and support. Your preceptor will be a financial vice president in the given area of Emory Healthcare that you will be working in and can either be an entity-based or system-level executive.

Program Components
Year 1 Orientation – During the first few weeks of the fellowship, you will be on-boarded to EHC. You’ll have an opportunity to meet the leadership team of the Physician Group Practice (PGP) and will meet all of the leaders within PGP who will be sponsoring your various rotations.

Rotations – During the first year of the fellowship, fellows will rotate through different areas of PGP, including PGP Finance, Revenue Cycle, Physician Compensation, and Physician Recruitment.

Clinic Budgeting – During the first year of your fellowship, you’ll work within a clinical section to assist in the development of the next fiscal year’s budget.

Year 2 Orientation – During the first week of the second year of the fellowship, fellows will meet with the finance leadership team for the Hospital Group (HG), Corporate Finance (EHI), and Revenue Cycle. Finance leaders will present project opportunities for you to select from with the support of your preceptor.

Projects – During the second year of the fellowship, you’ll work on your selected projects throughout the Hospital Group, Corporate Finance, and/or Revenue Cycle. Projects may last from 3 months to 12 months. You may work on just one project in a particular area or multiple projects through several areas.

Senior Leadership Meetings – Throughout both years of the fellowship, you’ll attend several recurring leadership meetings at both the Emory Healthcare system level as well as the entity level. In these meetings, you’ll learn more about issues impacting healthcare systems within the US, as well as specific issues affecting Emory Healthcare.

Evaluation – In January and June of each year, your preceptors will provide an official evaluation. Fellows receive informal feedback on an ongoing basis.

Class of 2024-2026 Application Information

Applicants should have a master’s degree in Business Administration, Healthcare Administration, Finance, or an equivalent degree program. Applicants must have earned their degree prior to starting the program, with the exception of programs that require a residency or fellowship. Prior work experience in health care, including internships, and demonstration of leadership through community involvement or professional associations is preferred.

Important Dates

Application Information

To be considered, qualified applicants must complete ALL of the following steps:

Step 1 – Complete Candidate Profile

Complete a candidate profile and submit your resume through our website using the link below.


Please Note: Within the online application’s “Education” section, candidates are asked to complete the “Date Earned” portion with the date of their graduation. Candidates enrolled in graduate programs requiring a fellowship for graduation should list the completion date of didactic coursework.

Step 2 – Email Required Application Materials

Email ALL Required Application Materials outline below to with the subject line, “Last Name, First Name_2023 Finance Fellowship Application”.

Materials should be sent in one email, with two separate PDF files:

  • Cover Letter PDF to include the following (1,000 words or less):
    • Why are you interested in a career in healthcare?
    • Why are you interested in a Finance Fellowship?
    • Why are you interested in working at Emory Healthcare?
    • What do you hope to gain from the Finance Fellowship as a foundation for your career in healthcare?
  • Required Materials PDF to include the following:
    • Current Resume/CV
    • Two Signed Letters of Recommendation (2)
      • At least one should be from a current or former employer, and one should be from a graduate school professor
      • Scanned copy if an electronic version is unavailable
      • Recommender(s) may send it directly to the email above – Please ensure your first and last name are in the file name and email subject line
      • Please address all letters to the Finance Fellowship Selection Committee
    • Graduate School Transcript
      • Scanned copy or official or unofficial transcript
      • May send it directly from your institution
    • Undergraduate Transcript
      • Scanned copy or official or unofficial transcript
      • May send it directly from your institution

 All Finance Fellowship application materials listed will only be accepted as PDFs by 10:00 am EST on Friday, September 5, 2023.

In accordance with EEOC guidelines, Emory Healthcare is committed to equal opportunities in employment and education. Discrimination against any individual for reasons of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or service in the uniformed services is specifically prohibited.

Contact Us

Scott Stewart
Director of Finance, Physician Group Practice

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