Emory Decatur Hospital
Current Pharmacy Residents

EDH PGY-1 Pharmacy Practice

Katarina Bielinski

Katarina Bielinski, PharmD

Dr. Katarina Bielinski is from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and attended the University of Alabama for undergraduate studies. She completed her Doctor of Pharmacy at Belmont University College of Pharmacy in Nashville, Tennessee. Her professional interests include emergency medicine, toxicology, and critical care. After completion of her PGY-1, she plans to pursue a PGY-2 in emergency medicine or critical care. In her free time, Kat enjoys watching Alabama football (Roll Tide!), painting, horseback riding, and traveling.

Vayou Chittavong

Vayou Chittavong, PharmD

Dr. Vayou Chittavong is originally from Laos but has called Atlanta home for the past 15 years. He earned his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy. His primary professional interest is oncology with a secondary interest in internal medicine. His post-PGY-1 plan is to pursue a PGY-2 and become board certified in oncology. Then, practice as a clinical specialist and simultaneously precept and mentor pharmacy students and residents. Febrile neutropenia treatment is his research interest. In his free time, he enjoys singing, trying out new restaurants, and playing badminton and tennis.

Gabby Mendoza

Gabby Mendoza, PharmD

Dr. Gabby Mendoza is from Suwanee, Georgia. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Georgia State University and completed her Doctor of Pharmacy at the University of Georgia. Her professional interests include oncology and psychiatry. Her long-term goals are to work at a community hospital as a clinical specialist with the opportunity to precept pharmacy students. During her free time, she enjoys practicing trapeze and aerial lyra, reading, and playing video games. 

Cat Ngombe

Cat Ngombe, PharmD

Catherine Ngombe is originally from Kenya but lived in Seattle, Washington.  She completed her Master’s in business administration along with her Doctor of Pharmacy from Mercer University. Her current professional interests include infectious diseases, internal medicine and hematology/oncology.  After completing her PGY-1, she hopes to pursue a PGY-2 in one of her areas of interest. Outside of pharmacy, Catherine enjoys baking, binging Netflix shows and spending time with family.