Locations Page Type

Developer Notes

  • Page Types have been created using Sitecore's Page Branches feature which lets us define pre-configured pages for Content Authors.
  • These page types can be used as a template to create pages, and are available in the insert options list on the website.
  • When a page is created using these templates then it will already have the Page Design set, predefined components added and their data source items created locally. 
  • Locations Page Type has been created specifically for Location Items .
  • This page type creates a page where the main area is divided into Two Columns and components have been added in these columns.
  • This page branch is based on Location Page template which inherits the Page template to include all the custom fields and has some additional fields specific to locations.
  • Containers have been used to divide the page into two columns.
    • The container on left has Content - Paint Bucket Setting applied and Component Layout - Laptops field value set to 8.
    • The container on right has Component Layout - Laptops field value set to 4.
    • The parent container of the side navigation needs Sidebar - Paint Bucket Setting applied.
  • Pre-defined Component details:
    • Base Hero variant of EH Hero is applicable here; local data-source item name - Hero Banner.
    • EH Breadcrumb has been added.
    • Two Content Spots have been added in the left column; local data-source item names - Content Spot (first one)and Body Content Spot (after Location Detail).
    • Location Detail Map Component has been added in the left column.
    • Kyruus Provider Block has been added in the left column, after Body Content Spot local data-source item name - Kyruus Provider Block.
    • Location Promo has been in the right column; local data-source item name - Location Promo. Paint Bucket Settings have been applied to move the component above the Hero Banner.
    • Side Navigation component has been added on the right after Location Promo inside a container, Side Navigation variant is applicable here. 
  • Header Alert, Header and Footer are rendered using Location Page page design.
  • CAs have the ability to add new components and even remove/edit the pre-rendered ones on a specific page in EE.
  • A screenshot of the page is shown HERE, the pre-rendered components are highlighted in the image.

Content Author Notes

Important Notes: Location Map & EH Promo are field in by Location details on a page level 

1. Open up Content Editor and right click where you would like the page to be placed under (Ex. If you want the page to be placed under locations, right click locations and insert a location page. 

2. Navigate to Location Data section. Authors will need to fill out the following: 

  • Location Name
  • Address 1/2
  • City
  • Zip
  • State
  • Operating Hours
  • Phone
  • Appointment Phone
  • Latitude, Longitude 

To edit the following components on the following page, please check out the following: 



Locations Page: