Postnatal Care

Postnatal Care

Comprehensive Care for Your Whole Health

After childbirth, your biggest focus is likely spending time with your baby—getting to know your little one’s personality and cues for eating, sleeping and snuggling. That’s why we provide comprehensive postnatal care and are here to support your journey beyond delivery.

Our approach encompasses your physical and mental health, including information and education to empower you as you navigate caring for a newborn. At Emory Healthcare, you’ll have access to more than an obstetrician who monitors your recovery from childbirth. You’ll have:

  • Mental health professionals to help you navigate postpartum depression or anxiety. Learn more.
  • Proven and specialized care for pelvic-floor disorders, including urinary incontinence, prolapse and fecal incontinence—common conditions that affect birthing parents. Learn more.
  • Specialists in breastfeeding/chestfeeding medicine and lactation consultants to help you feel comfortable and confident feeding your baby. Learn more. [link to breastfeeding page]

We believe that when we offer these comprehensive services that go beyond focusing just on your physical healing, you can have better peace of mind and focus on what really matters—taking care of yourself and your newborn.