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Breast Cancer Screenings Save Lives

It’s estimated that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in her life. Given that many of us know someone affected by this disease—a mother, grandmother, sister or friend—that statistic isn’t all that surprising.

Fortunately, there are more treatments for breast cancer today than ever before. Even better, breast cancer screenings, like mammograms, detect cancer when it’s in its earlier stages and is easier to treat. That early detection is saving lives. In fact, the current five-year survival rate for breast cancer is 90%*

Take care of your breast and overall health by learning and following the latest breast cancer screening guidelines.

When Do You Need a Mammogram?

As technology continues to evolve and improve, we get clearer and more reliable images. At Emory, we use mammography (low-dose X-rays), both 2D (traditional) and 3D mammography to spot abnormal growths.

Currently, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends the following breast cancer screening guidelines for women at average risk of breast cancer.

You should:

  • Begin having mammograms at age 40
  • Have a mammogram yearly (every other year at a minimum)
  • Continue getting regularly scheduled mammograms until age 75

These guidelines allow you and your doctor to have an open and honest discussion about when you should start getting a mammogram and how often you should have one. Together, you can make a decision that takes into consideration your unique health goals, history and concerns.

Experts also believe it’s unnecessary to continue monthly self-breast exams as they may lead to false positives and worry or stress. However, the physicians at Emory Healthcare encourage you to become familiar with your own breasts, so you are able to notice any changes to your breasts or nipples.

Schedule Your Mammogram

Talk to your doctor about scheduling your mammogram. You can also schedule a 2D or 3D mammogram by calling any of our convenient locations.
Emory Breast Imaging Center -
Emory University Hospital Midtown

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Emory Breast Imaging Center - 
Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital

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Emory Breast Imaging Center - 
Cancer Institute of Emory University

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Center for Breast Care - 
Emory Johns Creek Hospital

Emory Physicians Plaza
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The Comprehensive Breast Care Center - 
Emory Hillandale Hospital

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Emory Decatur Hospital

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