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Your urological health is personal, and you deserve care that puts your needs first. That’s why we provide targeted treatments designed for the best possible results – so you can make the most of every day.

The region’s leading urologists lead our compassionate teams. We know the impact urological health has on your well-being. And we understand the difference that the right treatment can make in your life.

The Emory Healthcare Difference in Urology Treatments

Emory Healthcare is the region's most comprehensive academic health system. Leading medical research and education guide our urology treatments. Our providers are innovators in their fields.

Emory Urology’s many fellowship-trained specialists provide the highest standard of care with the most in-depth knowledge in all domains of urologic care. Emory Urology is also at the forefront of research to enhance quality of care, running clinical trials that offer the newest medical and technological advances to our patients.

Our specialists and care teams have extensive experience treating your exact urologic condition. They will give you the information you need to make confident decisions about your health.

Find the Urology Treatments You Need 
Urological conditions are common. But your health needs are unique. Our multidisciplinary teams will empower you with personalized and compassionate care.

eCoin Treatment

As a low-risk treatment, eCoin can offer symptom relief for many patients with overactive bladder and urge incontinence. For people who tried medications but didn’t get relief or had bothersome side effects, eCoin may be a good alternative. A urologist places the eCoin implant—about the size of a nickel—right under the skin at the ankle. Here, the device can stimulate the tibial nerve, which helps with bladder control. Patients stay awake during the procedure, receive local anesthesia to numb the ankle area, and go home the same day with minimal pain.

Gain Control of Overactive Bladder with eCoin, a Nickel-Sized Implant in the Ankle
Gain Control of Overactive Bladder with eCoin, a Nickel-Sized Implant in the Anklee

Coin helps you gain control of overactive bladder and urinary incontinence with a coin-sized implant in your ankle that sends electrical pulses.

Emory Urology is the first in Georgia to offer HoLEP for men with urinary issues due to prostate enlargement. It can help improve symptoms resistant to other treatments, such as: A slow or intermittent urinary stream. Difficulty starting urination. Incomplete emptying of the bladder.

PCNL (percutaneous nephrostolithotomy) involves treating kidney stones in the kidney by making a one-inch incision in the back and creating a tunnel through the kidney to the stone.

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