Varicocele Treatment

Varicocele Treatment

Surgical Treatment for Swollen Testicles Caused by Varicocele

Urologists at Emory Healthcare offer a variety of treatment options for swollen testicles caused by enlarged veins (varicocele). Our surgeons use the latest advances in varicocele treatment, including varicocele surgery.

Varicocele surgery works by sealing or “closing off” the affected veins. This varicocele treatment redirects blood flow and relieves pain and swelling.

Types of Varicocele Treatment

  • Laparoscopic surgery: During laparoscopic varicocele surgery, your surgeon makes a small incision in the abdomen. Then, they thread a tiny instrument through the incision to identify and repair the abnormal veins. Doctors will give you medicine to make you sleep during laparoscopic varicocele surgery, which is usually done as an outpatient surgery (you go home the same day).

  • Microscopic surgery: The varicocele can be treated through an incision in your groin, where a microscope will be used to identify the very small branches of the vein that make up the varicocele. Your surgeon will operate with a microscope to disrupt these veins and eliminate the varicocele through a small incision. Microscopic surgery for varicocele is an outpatient procedure, meaning you can go home the same day.

  • Percutaneous embolization: Percutaneous embolization is performed with the help of an interventional radiologist. The interventional radiologist uses X-rays and other imaging techniques as their guide. They insert a tube into a vein in your groin or neck. Then, the interventional radiologist threads this tube through the vein to the varicocele. Doctors then use this tube to deliver instruments or a solution that scars and seals the varicocele. Percutaneous embolization is not common as microscopic or laparoscopic surgery. Percutaneous embolization is an outpatient procedure, meaning you can go home the same day.
What to Expect After Varicocele Treatment

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